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• Offers 16-bit resolution and very high sampling rate • Ideal for hospitals, research laboratories • Signal Averaging and Heart Rate Variability applications


• Proprietary wireless data acquisition between the patient and the workstation allowing for maximum safety and comfort • No restrictions on movement, patient is free to walk around office or hospital with no signal degradation • Triggers the image without any interference/blockage • Perfect for image testing needs such as ultrasound

NIBP Holter Monitor

Features Complies with the BHS (British Hypertension Society) requirements Maximum Patient comfort achieved by inflating first to low pressure and proceeding to higher pressures only if necessary Highest measurement accuracy Day / Night button allows for exact documentation of sleep and awake phases for statistically accurate evaluation as well as an exact documentation of the early morning blood pressure rise Extensive diagnostic and profile comparison for optimizing therapy control Wireless connection to PC or optional USB connection Compact dimensions, weighs only 240gr including battery PWA- Pulse Wave Analysis

NR – Wireless Holter Recorder

• 12/7/5 or 3 Leads • 14 Day Recording • Bluetooth interface • USB Interface • Lightweight and Small • Pacemaker analysis • Respiration trace for sleep apnea events • Physical activity trend • Voice note and audible diary NH-301 ECG Holter Analysis • Intuitive best in class editing tools • 24 to 336 hours (14 days) recording • 2, 3, or 12 Leads • QT and Long QT Analysis • Heart Rate Variability Analysis • HL7 • Remote Analysis/Uploader


PHYSIO-PORT are small size, portable (long-term) blood pressure monitors for non-invasive measurement of the patient’s blood pressure. The blood pressure is measured using the oscillometric method, optionally in the inflation or deflation phase using a blood pressure cuff on the upper arm.

Stress test Wire

Cost effective stress ECG system ECG acquisition module with CARDIPIA ECG Real time ECG display on CARDIPIA ECG Easy operate CARDIPIA ECG with color and touch Screen Automatic ECG analysis and ST measurement Automatic arrhythmia detection and alarm Copy or print analysis report Editing and creation treadmill protocol

Stress test wireles

Scroll back during test to see episodes that might have been overseen Full disclosure of entire test Enables post processing on saved data Very High resolution ECG processing which permits ST-measurements and Arrhythmia detection State of the art Digital RF Wireless On-line filtering and automated baseline correction which enables stable ECG tracing ECG screen display provides exceptionally clear tracing for visual view and on screen measurements Automatic print during test DICOM Interoperability

Ultrasound Imaging

SmartUs is a new generation of portable ultrasound color Doppler scanners. It employs latest technologies of ultrasound signal and image processing. Featured with high sensitivity sector probe together with linear and convex probes SmartUs is the first Telemed system that can be used in cardiology and neurology. Other features include spatial compound, harmonics, virtual convex and B-steer imaging. The system is capable to drive high density and high frequency transducers delivering detailed, rich and high dynamic range images.