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• Offers 16-bit resolution and very high sampling rate • Ideal for hospitals, research laboratories • Signal Averaging and Heart Rate Variability applications


• Proprietary wireless data acquisition between the patient and the workstation allowing for maximum safety and comfort • No restrictions on movement, patient is free to walk around office or hospital with no signal degradation • Triggers the image without any interference/blockage • Perfect for image testing needs such as ultrasound

Capnograph Desktop

PORTABLE, COMPACT, LIGHT & AFFORDABLE patient monitor Bedside mounting handle attached design • Variety of parameter choices AVAILABLE IV Pole Clamp(OPTION) or Deluxe Role Stand (OPTION) • FOR Capnography (EtCO₂), PRIZM3 Capno series™ is also available

Capnograph Portable

Bright 2.4"TFT LCD Color Display Capnograph with Trends SpO2 with Waveforms 72-Hour Data Storage for Each Patient 3G or Wi-Fi Wireless Data Transmission Suitable for Adult,Pediatric and Neonate Usage Environment: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the field or during transport Outpatient or Ambulatory Surgery centers; special procedures area (e.g. cardiac catheterization lab,endoscopy) General medical/surgical hospital ward ICU, Emergency Department Hospital-based or free-standing sleep laboratory


'- eChipTM Technology – Accuracy proven by Bickler Laboratory of University of California San Francisco. - Suitable for Low Perfusion Patients. - Color Display with 3 different display modes. - Wide range Reusable and Disposable SpO2 sensor solutions are available. - Motion Detection. - Full Alarm system visually and acoustically. - Long Battery Life – up to 72 hours operational time - Wide Range of Applications Daily Sport-Check , Emergency Care, Patient transport, rehabilitations , home based care


MicrUs is a new generation of a USB-powered pocket-size point of care ultrasound imaging system. It offers ultrasound screening in B, M, B/M, 4B modes together with Speckle Reduction Processing, Trapezoid and Spatial compound imaging. Various transducers can be connected and disconnected in second thanks to advanced probe recognition technology. MicrUs is a fanless device so it’s well suited for ultrasound-guided procedures. Personal ultrasound scanner can be fully controlled from a remote computer providing possibilities for telemedicine and educational purposes. Software Development Kit available to scientific organisations and industry enables advanced manipulation with the ultrasound data and customization of the user interface.

NIBP Holter Monitor

Features Complies with the BHS (British Hypertension Society) requirements Maximum Patient comfort achieved by inflating first to low pressure and proceeding to higher pressures only if necessary Highest measurement accuracy Day / Night button allows for exact documentation of sleep and awake phases for statistically accurate evaluation as well as an exact documentation of the early morning blood pressure rise Extensive diagnostic and profile comparison for optimizing therapy control Wireless connection to PC or optional USB connection Compact dimensions, weighs only 240gr including battery PWA- Pulse Wave Analysis

NR – Wireless Holter Recorder

• 12/7/5 or 3 Leads • 14 Day Recording • Bluetooth interface • USB Interface • Lightweight and Small • Pacemaker analysis • Respiration trace for sleep apnea events • Physical activity trend • Voice note and audible diary NH-301 ECG Holter Analysis • Intuitive best in class editing tools • 24 to 336 hours (14 days) recording • 2, 3, or 12 Leads • QT and Long QT Analysis • Heart Rate Variability Analysis • HL7 • Remote Analysis/Uploader

Oxygen Analyzer Desktop

MySign O :General clinical use Today's modern clinic requires cost effectiveness and efficiency in all areas. The MySign® O can be seamlessly integrated into all processes and procedures and limits servicing and maintenance to a minimum Neonatal and intensive care units The MySign® O meets the stringent requirements for fast and reliable O2 values in all ventilation situations Emergency and rescue services As one of its basic features, the MySign® O offers absolute reliability under the harshest conditions Home mechanical ventilation Offers valuable support in analysis and patient-care for athome oxygen therapy

Oxygen Analyzer Portable

Oxi Quant S In all areas of patient care, sound decisions must be made on a regular basis, often under difficult conditions and typically under extreme time pressure. Such decisions are dependent on the fast and accurate monitoring of vital parameters.