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Capnograph Desktop

PORTABLE, COMPACT, LIGHT & AFFORDABLE patient monitor Bedside mounting handle attached design • Variety of parameter choices AVAILABLE IV Pole Clamp(OPTION) or Deluxe Role Stand (OPTION) • FOR Capnography (EtCO₂), PRIZM3 Capno series™ is also available

Pulse Oximetry Desktop

• Convenient built-in Power unit • Perfusion rates from 0.05~20% • 4 screen modes • Electro surgical unit noise protected • 15 days trend memory /10seconds • Broader uses from neonates to the elderly • 6hours charging time • User friendly interface • Audible and visible alarm • IV pole mounting support (OPTION) • Protective Carrying bag (OPTION) • DIGI-VIEW™ PC monitoring S/W Available (OPTION)