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• Offers 16-bit resolution and very high sampling rate • Ideal for hospitals, research laboratories • Signal Averaging and Heart Rate Variability applications


• Proprietary wireless data acquisition between the patient and the workstation allowing for maximum safety and comfort • No restrictions on movement, patient is free to walk around office or hospital with no signal degradation • Triggers the image without any interference/blockage • Perfect for image testing needs such as ultrasound

Air Flow Sensors

Mass flow measurement sensor for ventilation and anesthesia monitoring. Constant temperature hot wire-anaemometry, compatible. with Dräger & Hamilton Spirolog-sensor. Accurate and reliable solution. for wide range of medical and industrial applications.

AlcoQuant 6020 Plus

ccurate Measurement of Breath Alcohol Concentration AlcoQuant® 6020 plus – the reliable companion in all alcohol-screening situations Accurately easured Breath Alcohol The new generation with even easier operation and many new functions With its remarkably intuitive menu, the new AlcoQuant® 6020 plus is even easier to use. Several new functions and configuration options ensure that the device is perfectly suited for practical use.


• Three button operation • Visual & Audio Test Progress & Result Prompts • Bright & East-To-Read Display • Integrated electric torch for dark environment. • Strong Magnetic Grip allow to be attached to any metallic surface, such as patrol car hood as traffic guides • Ideal for o Police Road Side Quick Screening o Workplace safety o Public Transportation safety


• Three button operation • Color display • Clear LED breathing test indication. • Logical and intelligent testing sequence • Integrated electric torch for dark environment. • Wide variety of applications in o Road side testing o Workplace safety o Public Transportation safety

Capnograph Desktop

PORTABLE, COMPACT, LIGHT & AFFORDABLE patient monitor Bedside mounting handle attached design • Variety of parameter choices AVAILABLE IV Pole Clamp(OPTION) or Deluxe Role Stand (OPTION) • FOR Capnography (EtCO₂), PRIZM3 Capno series™ is also available

Capnograph Portable

Bright 2.4"TFT LCD Color Display Capnograph with Trends SpO2 with Waveforms 72-Hour Data Storage for Each Patient 3G or Wi-Fi Wireless Data Transmission Suitable for Adult,Pediatric and Neonate Usage Environment: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the field or during transport Outpatient or Ambulatory Surgery centers; special procedures area (e.g. cardiac catheterization lab,endoscopy) General medical/surgical hospital ward ICU, Emergency Department Hospital-based or free-standing sleep laboratory


'- eChipTM Technology – Accuracy proven by Bickler Laboratory of University of California San Francisco. - Suitable for Low Perfusion Patients. - Color Display with 3 different display modes. - Wide range Reusable and Disposable SpO2 sensor solutions are available. - Motion Detection. - Full Alarm system visually and acoustically. - Long Battery Life – up to 72 hours operational time - Wide Range of Applications Daily Sport-Check , Emergency Care, Patient transport, rehabilitations , home based care


MicrUs is a new generation of a USB-powered pocket-size point of care ultrasound imaging system. It offers ultrasound screening in B, M, B/M, 4B modes together with Speckle Reduction Processing, Trapezoid and Spatial compound imaging. Various transducers can be connected and disconnected in second thanks to advanced probe recognition technology. MicrUs is a fanless device so it’s well suited for ultrasound-guided procedures. Personal ultrasound scanner can be fully controlled from a remote computer providing possibilities for telemedicine and educational purposes. Software Development Kit available to scientific organisations and industry enables advanced manipulation with the ultrasound data and customization of the user interface.